property management and maintenance


property management and maintenance

We are a specialist company that provides comprehensive facility management for building owners. Our services include regular duties, inspections and technical servicing as well as providing reception, security, cleaning and maintenance services. Most of these activities are carried out by our own qualified staff.

Our aim is not only to carry out the standard tasks associated with running a building, but also to actively contribute to the efficiency of the overall operation. This includes analysis and suggestions for streamlining, the preparation of investment plans (CAPEX) and feasibility studies for potential improvements, and the organisation of tenders for building needs.

We are also involved in the building modification and upgrading processes to ensure that the building not only meets current needs but is ready for future challenges. We monitor and manage all documentation relating to the building and ensure that it is properly archived or transferred to modern administrative systems (CAFM).

Our fundamental commitment is to provide complete care for our client’s assets and to optimize their operation to be cost-effective and technically reliable.

As part of Facility Management’s building management services, we offer

  • Automatic posting of defaulters with a reminder, proposed solution
  • Handling postal correspondence
  • Regular readings of water meters and information about the waterworks square
  • Heat readings according to §5 of Decree No. 372/2001 Coll.
  • Implementation of CAFM systems
  • Electrical revision of appliances
  • Installation of interior shading
  • Adjustment of zoning of existing luminaires, installation of new luminaires
  • Window and door service
  • Revision and inspection of retention tanks
  • Inspections of heat exchangers, pumps, cooling machines
  • Ensuring security of the building
  • Cleaning services / routine daily cleaning of office surfaces, mopping of hard surfaces, vacuuming and brushing of carpets, rubbish removal, collection and washing of used crockery, cleaning of kitchens, disinfection and cleaning of sanitary facilities and toilets, wiping and disinfection of surfaces, washing and polishing of glass surfaces and mirrors, scenting of rooms
  • Control measurement of air flow and volumes
  • Monitoring the use of non-residential premises
  • Preventive and routine maintenance of buildings
  • Clearing the premises
  • Restoring the premises to their original state after moving out
  • All revisions

As part of our Facility Management services for construction work, we offer

  • Repairs and maintenance of the building, all its components and technologies
  • Construction work, reconstruction of flats and houses, assembly work
  • Fit-outs and office fit-outs
  • Installation of plasterboard and glass partitions and partitions
  • Installation of suspended ceilings
  • Repainting, tiling, paving, plastering, painting work
  • Outdoor paving and pavement repairs
  • We provide waste removal with recycling
  • Electrical work and small craft work
  • Dealing with crisis situations – accidents
  • Prevention of further damage and subsequent elimination of the cause
  • Plumbing work, locksmith work, plumbing work


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