cleaning services

cleaning services

We provide regular and irregular complex cleaning of office buildings, department stores, production and storage halls and other large objects. In addition to the regular standard daily cleaning service, a daily cleaning service is set up at the customer’s request, which is cleaned according to a set schedule. We carry out cleaning work using the latest cleaning and janitorial equipment and use the highest quality cleaning products. We provide a supply of hygiene supplies. For each job, there is a responsible person who is in charge of the cleaning work, who supervises the work and provides any replacements in times of sickness.All our employees are trained in technological procedures, in the use of cleaning chemicals and in health and safety training.


As part of our cleaning services we offer 
  • Cleaning services / routine daily cleaning of office surfaces, mopping of hard surfaces, vacuuming and brushing of carpets, rubbish removal, collection and washing of used crockery, cleaning of kitchens, disinfection and cleaning of sanitary facilities and toilets, wiping and disinfection of surfaces, washing and polishing of glass surfaces and mirrors, scenting of rooms
  • Machine cleaning of carpets and upholstery
  • Machine washing and polishing of ceramic floors


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